By Melanie Lee


It’s amazing how much I’ve discovered about Christian’s vivid imagination while doing the Superhero Me project together.

The Bubbleman idea comes entirely from him. And I think it’s so quintessentially Christian. He loves blowing bubbles at our neighbourhood playground as a way to make friends. He’s also developed a pet phrase: “I just want you to be happy”. It usually is blurted out when we’re disciplining him after he has done something naughty. It also possibly stems from his inherently smiley nature. He loves watching people laugh, and will always laugh along. Conversely, he senses when people are feeling down quite easily, and will always query with great concern whether they would feel better soon.


Christian making friends with his bubbles.

Christian was very specific that Bubbleman has to be orange. I’m not sure why, since that is not his favourite colour, but he has been pretty adamant about it so far. I’ll take it that he’s going for the sunshiney effect. He was also pretty detailed in terms of how his superpower works.

“Bubbleman blows bubbles and when the bubbles burst on people, they become happy!”

However, he had some mixed feelings about using bubblewrap as a cape.

“But Spiderman has no cape? Why I must have cape?” he asked.

We had a discussion on how other superheroes he liked have capes, and he eventually decided a cape was do-able.

“But mine is orange and different from Superman’s red one,” he said, to clarify.


Starting on the orange cape.

In any case, Christian thoroughly enjoyed painting with bubblewrap. It was a new textural experience for him (“Spongey!”), and he liked using a “grown-up brush”. However, Daddy got pretty angry when Christian took his Lego cars for a spin through the painted bubblewrap and we ended up with some rather hard-to-remove orange skid marks all over the living room.

“I just wanted to make Bubbleman roads,” he informed us matter-of-factly.

Another aspect Christian enjoyed was decorating his cape with all these lovely crafty bits and bobs found in the Superhero kit. He got very intense adding these embellishments and for a good 15 minutes, there was (much-appreciated, extremely rare) silence. Am I biased in thinking he might have a flair for design?


Decorating with the Superhero Me craft kit.

We’ve also got some orange attire set aside for the day which we’re intending to add some “bubble deco” closer to the date. There’s even a neon orange bubble gun as his prop! So if you come across a boy shooting bubbles at you on 27 June, please don’t feel affronted. He’s just hoping to make you happy.


A bit of a PR smile…but you get the picture.


Editor’s note: Melanie is the author of The Adventures of Squirky the Alien – A children’s book series for adopted children. Together with illustrator David Liew, Melanie will be hosting an art jam where kids get to meet Squirky, a friendly blue alien who goes on a space adventure to find out about where he came from. Come by the Superhero Me Festival on 20 June 430pm – 530pm for a session where kids to appreciate the perseverance and courage that comes with exploration.  Reserve a spot here and check out our festival weekend workshops put together for the community, by the community in support of childhood !